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Angry Birds developer bought local game company

Angry Birds developer bought local game company

Angry Birds
Angry Birds

The Turkish mobile game industry continues to grow and develop. After Peak and Dream Games, another company is being sold.

The mobile game industry continues to grow. These games, which have become more popular with the spread of smartphones, are often preferred because they are generally free and appeal to the general user. This situation causes the mobile game industry to grow at an incredible rate every year.

Our country, which is very successful in the mobile game market, has many game studios, large and small. The studios in question make a name for themselves both with their success and their market values. Peak Games, which was sold to Zynga for $ 8 billion in the past years, is the biggest example of this. Now, the domestic game studio Ruby Games is going through a similar process.

Rovio Entertainment acquires Ruby Games

There has been a significant development in the Turkish mobile game industry, which has seen a rapid rise in recent years. Located in Izmir,  Ruby Games was caught on the radar of Rovio Entertainment , the developer of  Angry Birds . The officials of the two companies sitting at the table agreed on the purchase. The process, which will take place gradually, will be completed in 5 years.

The  company, which will pay 10 million dollars for 20 percent of Ruby Games in the  first place   will buy a 50 percent stake  depending on its 12-month financial performance  . The remaining  30 percent of the shares will be transferred within 5 years. However, the exact cost of the deal remains a mystery for now.

Making a statement on the subject,  Ruby Games CEO Mert Can Kurum said, “It is exciting to be a part of the company that created Angry Birds, one of the most loved mobile game brands in the world. We are proud to join Rovio. This purchase opens a new page for us. Rovio’s long history and expertise in free-to-play games will help us reach higher levels. We look forward to working with other studios as well as sharing our knowledge and expertise.” used the phrases.

So what do you think about this subject? Do you find local game companies such as  Ruby Games  successful? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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