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Google Photos gets new feature for Android

Google Photos gets new feature for Android

Google Photos for Android users finally got the expected feature. You will now be able to create widgets and view your memories.

Google Photos , one of the most popular photo apps in the world  , is constantly getting new features in both Android and iOS versions. Finally, Google , which has implemented paid subscriptions  , has started to add some more innovations to the platform, especially after this move.

Recently, Google Photos  got a highly anticipated feature in Android  versions. While users have been asking for widgets to come to the application for a long time  , Google has finally started to offer this feature in stages.

Google Photos gets widgets for Android

According to a recent report from XDA Developers, Android users have started getting a new widget feature that displays “Memories” in Google Photos. The Memories widget works similarly to what Google introduced for iOS systems last year, allowing you to rediscover your memories in Google Photos.

Currently, only people with build version v5.52.0.0387241369  can take advantage of this innovation  . The update is distributed server-side and people with this version can create new widgets from the shortcut.

If you’re using the Google Photos app with the build number above, you can add a 2 x 2 narrow-looking widget to your homepage. The way the widget works will be presented to you as a slideshow in the Photos app, in the form of a carousel-like album. So what time period memories will appear in this shortcut?

Google’s widget for Android users will only show your memories “this week and 1 year ago”. However, we guess that the company will decorate it with fun memories like “Best of the Month” or “Featured” in the coming days.

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