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Google will make the transition to Android easier for iOS users

Google will make the transition to Android easier for iOS users

Google is eliminating the data transfer problem for iOS users to migrate to Android devices. Here are the details…

Changing phones can intimidate users , especially  at the point of data transfer Switching from an iOS  phone to an  Android device makes  this more difficult for many. However,  Google  plans to eliminate this problem. Google is  developing an app  for iOS  users that will make the transition to  Android  devices easier  .

Switching to Android will become practical for iOS users

Users switching from iPhone to Android  usually try to transfer their data with  Google Drive  . This method  works for photos  and  videos  . But you can’t transfer apps or any data you didn’t tell them to back up directly. On the other hand, the ‘Move to iOS’  application developed by Apple for the transition from Android devices to iPhone is  available in the Play Store. With this application, you can easily switch from Android phones to iOS devices.

Google  will facilitate the transition to Android devices for iOS users with the  ‘Data Restore Tool’ . The firm will make data transfer practical, as Apple has done. According to the information revealed, the application  will transfer information using a public Wi-Fi network  . During the transfer, all information from iCloud contacts to SMS messages will be transferred to Android.

The app is not yet available on the App Store. However, the application is expected to meet users in a short time. In addition, the fact that Apple has the Move to iOS application for more than 5 years may indicate that Google will want to take this step in a short time.

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