Instagram has brought translation support for Stories.

Instagram has brought translation support for Stories.

Instagram released translation support for stories today. The texts in the stories can be translated within the supported languages.

Instagram  has released back-to-back updates recently. While some of the previous updates were advertising content, the feature it launched today falls into the accessibility category. Instagram has released a new feature that will allow you to translate the  texts in the stories of the users you follow  .

Text translation feature of Instagram Stories supports more than 90 languages

Instagram states that the feature, rolling out today, will enable brands and creators to more easily connect with their followers and friends around the world. In addition, the company says that the language barrier will be lifted with the feature introduced, and thus users will be more willing to communicate. This feature used can only  be used for the texts in the story  .

Also, the feature supports more than 90 languages  including Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Turkish and Portuguese   . If a foreign language is detected in a story, “See Translation” appears in the upper left corner. Users can see the translation of the text by tapping here. The text will be translated to whatever your default Instagram language is. The company offered a setting where users could customize sensitive  content the other day  . Thanks to this feature, you can set whether you want to see sensitive content in the Discover section.

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