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New features that protect users from Instagram

New features that protect users from Instagram

Instagram aims to be a safer platform. The new features aim to prevent mass attacks and racism.

Many Instagram user, ” abuse Report ” or ” Complain benefited” from the properties. Solutions like this can make a platform like Instagram more secure, but it already has limited features. The company has expanded its report abuse features with updates.

Instagram takes new measures against racism

Instagram is rolling out a number of new features today  aimed at helping people protect their accounts from abuse, including offensive  and  spam  comments/messages. The company offers tools to filter abusive Direct Message ( DM ) requests. Users will be able to limit other people’s comments or DMs due to the growing number of followers while becoming popular. Additionally, those trying to harass others on the platform will also see a detailed warning not to do so.

The company has confirmed that it is testing Limits , a new anti-harassment tool that Instagram head  Adam Mosseri cited in a video he shared with the Instagram community last month  Limits can prevent planned and mass abuse of an account. Users can temporarily lock their accounts to prevent this mass harassment. One of the biggest reasons Limits was put to the test dates back to the aftermath of the Euro 2020  final, when several English footballers were severely harassed by angry fans after the team’s defeat  .

After such events, a lot of racist  messages are sent to the DM  box of  Instagram users  The Limits  feature allows you to define who can contact you in such intense attacks. Accounts restricted by Limits cannot post comments or send DM requests for a period of time you choose, such as a certain number of days or even weeks. Twitter was planning a similar feature for its popular users, but has yet to implement them.

Comment alert

This feature  also allows users to easily hide  comments that may be harmful to users but  do not violate Instagram  rules  . Instagram used to show a warning when users made offensive comments before. In this case, when they insisted, the warnings were gradually increasing, but thanks to the new feature, deterrent warnings will be shown in the first comment. The warning will clearly state that the comment may contain racist language ” or other content that is against the rules.

Instagram‘s Limits feature was already in testing, now it’s available globally.

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