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Rome Total War Cheats

Rome Total War game is among the most preferred games of the last period. As a result, users often want to learn about Rome Total War Cheats and Cheat Codes Guide. Today we are telling you about Rome Total War Cheat Codes.


Rome Total War game cheats give you a big advantage against other players. You can access features that other players cannot have and cannot access by cheating.

How Rome Total War Cheats Work

As in other games, you must open the console window to activate Rome Total War cheats. To do this, press the tilde key (~) at the top level of any standard keyboard. You will enter the cheat code for the desired effect.

All cheat codes are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown below.

Rome: Total War Cheats
cheat code Effect
? Get help with entered cheat code
add_money ## Increase money ##
add_population Add population to entered city
adjust_sea_bed Adjust seafloor height
ai_turn_speed Adjust AI rotation speed
auto_win Attacker or defender automatically solved the battle
burn_piggies_burn Ignite all the piggy winks
capture_settlement Captured city entered
character_reset Reset character to initial settings
clear_messages Clear all messages
control Change the controlled fraction
create_building Create building of entered type
create_unit Creates a unit in a selection or character army
damage_wall damaging the walls of a settlement
Date change year
diplomacy_mission Create diplomatic mission
diplomatic_stance Determine the diplomatic stance of the two groups
disable_ai disable AI
Activity create event
filter_coastlines Filter world map shores
force_battle_defeat Force the player to lose the battle
force_battle_victory Force the player to win the battle
force_diplomacy Force the opponent to accept the diplomatic offer
gamestop or bestbuy Make units 10% cheaper in campaign mode
give_trait Give character to character
give_trait_points Give the character trait points
give_trait_points Give character special attribute points
halt_ai Halt AI return sequence
invulnerable_general Be generally invincible in combat
jericho Walls fall in siege in war map mode
kill_character kill the character
kill_faction kill the faction
list_ancillaries List all available helpers
list_characters List all the characters in the game
list_traits Lists all features
list_units List all units in an army
move_character Move character to map coordinates
melting point: Give character action points
oliphaunt Elephants get 40% bigger in campaigns
output_unit_positions Show positions of all units in battle
process_cq Complete the entire building in the construction queue
process_rq Complete all military units in the recruit queue
regenerate_radar Rebuild the radar
run_ai Restarts an AI spin (after Halt -see halt_ai)
season season of changes
set_building_health Adjust building health
show_all_messages Show all messages to all groups
show_battle_circle Show a circle with radius x,y for t seconds
show_battle_marker Show x,y marker for t seconds
show_battle_street_plan Show street plan for layout
toggle_coastlines Change coastline screen
toggle_flowing_water Change the display of running water on the campaign map
toggle_fow Change the fog of war
toggle_overlay change layout
toggle_perfect_spy Toggle spying ability
toggle_restrictcam Change camera restrictions
toggle_terrain Change the land
trigger_advice Trigger advice
upgrade_effect Trigger unit upgrade
victory Show victory message for faction
zoom Zoom the specified map

Rome Total War cheats not working

Some users report that even though they type the cheat codes on the console screen, it does not work. Before using these codes, you should make sure that you are using the current version of the game. Codes are only active in the current game version.

Rome total war cheat program

Rome: Total War is a strategy game from The Creative Assembly released for PC in 2004. The game takes place exactly during the Roman Empire. The players, namely you, are responsible for protecting the Roman province through wars.

In addition to the massive strategic campaign mode, Rome: Total War also includes multiple scenarios that re-enact historical battles such as the Siege of Sparta, the Battle of Carrhae and more.

A total of two expansion packs have been released for Rome: Total War. The first was called Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion. This expansion allowed players to control the barbarian tribes of northern Europe and the Middle East in what is known as the era of migration.

The second expansion, entitled Total War of Rome: Alexander puts players in the role of Alexander the Great and includes a series of battle scenarios and campaigns.

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