Signal users beware! Update the app now

Signal users beware! Update the app now

Fixed a vulnerability in Signal that claimed extra privacy and security over its competitors. Signal users need to update the app.

The search for an alternative application, which occurred after WhatsApp updated its privacy agreement, was a rise  for Signal  .  Fixed  a critical vulnerability in Signal, which offers its users the best privacy and encryption . Due to this critical situation, Signal wants us to update the app immediately.

Critical vulnerability detected in Signal

In an app that promises privacy at its best, the worst thing that can happen to you is data leakage due to a security vulnerability. The gap in Signal  , which is said to have existed for  seven months , has finally been closed. Due to this vulnerability, your private photos may be distributed to random people from your contacts.

Solving this serious problem has not been easy. After seven months, the developers were able to close the gap, whose existence is a risk every second. All Signal users need to do now is to update the app to the latest version.

It can be seen in version 5.17 of the  application that the error has been resolved  . If you want to know if the application is up to date, you can compare the version number installed on your phone.

How secure is Signal?

Signal was founded by one of the co-founders of WhatsApp. The biggest promise of the application, according to its competitors, was privacy. In addition to privacy, we also see some features that are not found in its competitors. The application, which offers end-to-end privacy inaccessible to Signal, also guarantees that no personal data will be shared  with third parties  .

The fact that this vulnerability has been in use for a long time may have broken the trust of  some users  . We will see how users will react to this in the coming days. If you are also a Signal user, you can express your opinion in the comments.

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