The expected feature has arrived in Discord!

The expected feature has arrived in Discord!

Discord, which has become a social media application by exceeding its borders during the pandemic period, has brought the long-awaited feature.

Discord has outdone itself lately, creating communities rather than small groups of friends. The long-awaited feature has finally arrived on the platform, which has now become a social media application.

“Title” feature released for Discord

The message reply feature was added to Discord last year. This feature was useful in replying to a user, especially since messages could not follow each other on large Discord servers. This feature has been taken a step further and the titles feature is now available on Discord. You can avoid confusion by starting a discussion under a message, thanks to the feature also called “Thread” in English  .

This is what the feature looks like in chat

The update has been released on all platforms where Discord is available. Make sure that the application is up to date and you can start using the feature.

Discord has crossed its borders during the pandemic

Discord, which is a voice call software that primarily appeals to gamers, has become a  platform  over time . It has become a center for various meeting needs, especially during the pandemic. Discord has made it clear in its latest updates that it wants people to explore communities.  Discord, which was the platform you used to only  talk to your  friends before , now wants to become the platform where you can find your friends  .


The distribution of free Discord Nitro on the Epic Games Store last month was an important gesture for us. Although Skype and TeamSpeak still compete with Discord, they may not be in the eyes of the players due to their various shortcomings.

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