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The first images for the chat migration feature from WhatsApp came

The first images for the chat migration feature from WhatsApp came

The first screenshots of WhatsApp’s long-awaited iOS to Android chat migration feature have surfaced.

After switching from iOS to Android, it  was very difficult to move your backups on WhatsApp  . Instead, the company offered an easier solution. Now  you will  be able to transfer your backups from platform to platform with QR code . WhatsApp has been working on this feature for a long time and the first screenshots have arrived.

You will be able to move your WhatsApp backups from iOS to Android with QR code

The new images published  by WABetaInfo on  Twitter  showed us how the WhatsApp  backup works. First, the QR code  appears for the process of moving the backups  . The app  asks you to enter WhatsApp on your iOS  device and scan the QR code on the screen. After scanning, the application tells you to  keep iPhone open and not  exit WhatsApp . You will be notified when the backup process is complete. We’ve only seen a video about it before.

The video did not show how the procedure was done, but what happened after the procedure. You will be able to transfer your WhatsApp backups easily after this feature comes. Currently, this feature is still in development. The backup feature is located in  Settings Chats  and can be started with the ” Move Chat to Android ” option below . All this time, both devices  must be connected to the internet  , their screens must be on and WhatsApp  must be running  . Locking the screen at the time of backup can stop or cancel the process.

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