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TikTok brings new update for live streams

TikTok brings new update for live streams

TikTok will get a few new features for live streaming. Content creators and viewers will be able to take advantage of these features.

TikTok , a popular platform,  continues to receive updates. Both content creators and viewers will benefit from the features that will come for live broadcasts. Some upcoming features are already available on Instagram. It will still improve the efficiency of live streams for content creators.

Feature called Live Event is coming to TikTok

It is stated that the new features to come will make TikTok’s live broadcast quality and efficiency as good as other applications. It adds a feature that TikTok calls a “ Live Event ” where viewers can sign up and receive notifications. In addition, creators will be able to add countdown timers to their regular TikTok videos so they can define their next live  stream  .

TikTok has also announced that it will expand its Q & feature to make it easier for creators to communicate with viewers mid-  stream . In addition, a moderator  determination feature that can ban/mute viewers with keywords and “ misbehaving ”  during the live broadcast will also be added to the platform.

The company will make it easy for viewers to find live broadcasts with a dedicated “ Live ”  button  . In addition, TikTok will also support picture-in-picture modes of iOS and Android .


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