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Tinder brings voluntary authentication

Tinder brings voluntary authentication

Tinder has announced that the authentication feature, which has been used in Japan for a long time, will come globally.

Tinder  announced today that in the coming months, users will be able to verify their identities through the app. This feature was first made available in Japan in 2019,  and Tinder users  are required to verify that they are at least  18 years old . The company announced in blog  post that authentication  will begin voluntarily , except in places like Japan, where this is required by law  .

Tinder authentication will be available worldwide

Authentication will be free for all users, similar to the photo verification feature. According to Tinder  spokesperson, the company will also use authentication to reference data such as sex offender registries in regions where this information is available. Tinder already did this with credit card information when users signed up for a subscription.

To be able to authenticate, you must meet the terms of use. According to the terms of use  , “The user has never been convicted of sex and violence crimes. You  must not be registered as a sex offender in any state and  you must not have a federal/local sex offender registry.” If your record is clean, authentication takes place.

The current  photo verification  feature adds a Twitter-like blue tick to a user’s profile, while  authentication  provides another obvious  badge  . This way users can tell if a profile has photo or authentication.

No matter how much Tinder has invested in security features, it is up to users to meet profiles that do not authenticate. Because the authentication feature offered is not mandatory, it is done voluntarily.

In March 2021 , Tinder’s parent company, Match Group, invested in the nonprofit registry control company  Garbo . Garbo’s background checks can help identify users with a history of violence or abuse. It is not yet clear how Garbo will be integrated into Tinder and whether it will charge users access fees.

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