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YouTube Music innovation that delights iPhone users

YouTube Music innovation that delights iPhone users

YouTube Music released a novelty for Android users a while ago. On top of that, iOS users are waiting for the same version.

YouTube Music has   released a new update for Android users a while ago. The presented version included some interface refreshes. However, the changes made, unfortunately,  did not come to iOS users in the first place  . Now, the expected news that will delight Apple users has been announced by the platform.

New ‘now playing’ menu on the way

Refreshing the ‘ Now playing ‘ menu to modernize its streaming service YouTube Music first revealed these innovations on some iPhone  devices in March  . However, the changes, which a limited number of users can benefit from, were  announced for Android devices three months later, in June  .

In the first place, only Android  users started to benefit from the innovations  . Although a limited number of  iOS  users can see these design innovations, the platform has not made an official support announcement for Apple  until now  . However, as of yesterday, the expected innovation has reached much more  iPhone  users.

The revamped “Now playing” menu design includes a slight difference in Android and iOS versions. The iOS version uses a curved page with rounded corners for the Next ‘, ‘ Lyrics ‘ and ‘ Related ‘ menus. On Android, on the other hand, an angular design seems to dominate.

Youtube Music went through some design changes

With this refresh,  YouTube Music  puts all the important controls on the same screen. So you don’t have to scroll up for repeat and shuffle options. The song/video switching part no longer takes up your entire screen and is always visible above the cover art. After this shrinkage, a large part of the background is placed on the theme.

When you touch the picture on the screen, there are  sharingdownloading  and  publishing  options. This gives a cleaner and simpler look. However, some users may have difficulty finding these options.

The new design of  the ‘ Now playing ‘ menu for YouTube Music is not yet  widely available for  iPhone owners. In addition, it  was strange that the Youtube Music team took  more than eight months to bring this visual change to  iOS .

You are  YouTube Music ‘s,  iOS  What do you think about the update? You can share your ideas with us in the comment section.

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